What You Need To Know About Compliance Verification

Every Security Company Is Legally Required To Be Licensed With The State Of Georgia

Search the agency name in the business license verification page to ensure they are compliant. If not, your business could be liable in the case of a crisis situation; possibly resulting in a premises lawsuit.

Example: P.A.S.S. Agency License PSC002509

Every Security Officer, Agent Or Private Detective Is Required To Be Licensed With The State Of Georgia

Many individuals work illegally without going through the required license training. You do not want an unlicensed guard acting on behalf of your business in a crisis situation.

Search the Security Officer on the State of Georgia license verification page to ensure they are licensed. It must also include a firearms license if they carry.

Example: Seegars’ Security & Firearms License SGE067727

Click the links to submit a complaint if you discover you have paid for an unlicensed agency or unlicensed individual. Complaints are confidential by Georgia law GA Code § 43-1-2 (2020) O.C.G.A. 43-1-19 (h)(2) while under investigation.

 Visit the How To Submit A Complaint site for more information.